the easily accessible roadmap of involvement

When new students take a look at your ministry (and remember, they’re starting to do that via the web this summer), how easy can they grasp the big picture of involvement? Is there a site, a handout, and a verbal “elevator pitch” that all explain the “steps” students either should take or tend to take?

Brevity. Clarity. Beyond those ingredients, just accuracy is needed, I suppose. (And even that’s easier said than done.)

We’ve got to be careful, because often we offer the uninitiated:

  • A lot of info but no clarity on how it all works together,
  • A lot of opportunities but no suggestions on which to pursue first,
  • A lot of opportunities but few clues about which is most important,
  • or Advertisements about great-looking things but no easy, detailed route to start getting involved in those things

Be sure to note the “and” in the first paragraph: Your ministry should have a straightforward involvement site (with, if possible, an easy URL like “”), an easy-to-understand handout/flier, and a straightforward involvement description that you’ve taught students and staff to share with others.

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