a fridea for the low-tech

Do you record your weekly messages?

That’s really the gist of today’s Fridea. If you do – and if you do a great job of promulgating those messages – then you can check this one off!

If you don’t, is there a reason why? I do realize that some ministries don’t have the common “weekly meeting” format, and some that do might not always teach. But I’m assuming most college ministries still do.

And if so, then there isn’t a lot of reason anymore that those messages shouldn’t be recorded (audio, at least, but video’s pretty simple too). Smartphones change everything, right? You can do this – not superstar quality, but certainly enough for your students.

I suppose I’m thinking about this because it’s summer, and now would be the perfect time to remind them of messages from this past year (or from years past!). But whatever the season, having a chance for students to catch up… or remind themselves… or share truth… could be powerful.

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