what you’ll put in their hands

It’s early in summer, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some preparations to prioritize for the fall. My humble submission to your list is this: Develop an excellent resource to help new visitors get to know your college ministry.

Sure, something like this needs to put your best foot forward. But this isn’t about advertising as much as it’s about hospitality. You should help students understand why they’d want to stick with your campus ministry, but you also need to provide a little clarity on what your ministry isn’t, too. Along with these things, it would hurt to share pointers on making a good choice, and maybe even reasons finding a college ministry matters.

Our goal in all this is helping students make a great decision – more like a discipler or a parent might help, than the director of one of the choices! If you can provide them with something they take away – from a booth, an advertisement (if it’s in web page form), a friend, or their first visit – you’ve offered something very valuable. Recruitment should be discipleship, and a resource they can mull over is a powerful discipleship tool.

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