in the heavenlies, for you

Question: Would you imagine that your college students are praying for you (and your family) this summer?

This isn’t a blog about the importance of training your students to pray (though that’s vital). It’s actually a question about whether they see you, their college minister, as someone to pray for.

In larger college ministries, the lead college minister won’t be a “buddy” to each student. That’s okay. But I think being prayed for happens when we let people into our lives as though they were our good friends – from the stage when we teach, in conversations we have, in prayer requests we share, and so on.

Are you vulnerable with your students? Do they feel they know you – even some warts? Again, don’t forget you’re meant to be a missionary to this campus tribe. No one wants (anymore) to be the old-school, buttoned-up, “professional-distance” sort of missionary. Be the kind of missionary that shares “your very life, as well.”

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