creating virtual fellowship pockets (a fridea)

Among our church’s staff, there’s a group of about twenty of us who watch the show Survivor – enough to be on an email chain to chat about episodes. A handful of the members – who actually include former staff members and staff spouses, too – have gotten together to watch a couple of episodes, as well. We each “have” one of the contestants to root for, which gives us trash-talking options, too.

It’s been fun to see how it gives us a chance to connect, even though on our large church staff many of us wouldn’t normally interact with each other (especially in just “having fun”).

So that becomes this week’s Fridea: To imagine what “virtual fellowship” you could build within your college ministry, even this summer. A “watching group” (like my Survivor cohort)? What about a chain for those who’ve committed to a certain Bible-reading regimen or reading a certain book “together” over the summer? Or even email lists or social media groups, etc., for specific majors? You might be surprised by how something like this could cross friend groups, ages, and other boundaries to help build fellowship in your ministry.

If you’ve got a campus ministry bigger than a few dozen – where not everybody knows each other fairly equally – there’s probably room to enhance the connections and community. Something like this – especially with a few “leaders” who use it intentionally – could be the ticket.

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