building a question base

I’ve often encouraged college ministers to keep (and grow) a supply of resources on various issues that college students ask about. While off-the-cuff advice can be great, it’s great to have something a bit meatier – and more complete – about everything from Using Your Time Well to A Christian View of Homosexuality. (These don’t all have to be freshly written, of course – there are lots of things available online that you can point people to or print out.)

But I’m discipling a guy right now, and I was reminded about a different tactic.

What if some of the resources you prepared, for the most-popular queries, didn’t so much answer the question as they guided a student to find the biblical answers themselves? It’s not hard to extract the verses about a particular subject – especially since many good ones are probably listed in those very same resources listed above, or at great sites like

Then those verses, along with a couple of questions, could become your new “go-to” when that question comes up. It’s a “knowledge base without the knowledge” – a “question base” that allows for some great disciplemaking.

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