another idea worth trying this summer: weekly content

On Monday, I posted some notes about a better way to brainstorm – and I said it would be worth trying this summer. That got me thinking about other options for summertime, when things usually just look different in college ministry.

I know it’s not true for all, but for many, one of those differences is that things are slower. If that’s the case for you, now would be the perfect time to look at creating weekly content for your students, either in written, video, or audio form. (And that means blogging, YouTube videos, or podcasting, respectively – or similar forms.) Summertime’s a great chance to get over the bumps of figuring it out, to dabble in various options, AND to produce an impactful tether to students’ college ministry while they’re away.

Many college ministers avoid jumping into routines like this because of the daunting nature of doing it forever.

But you don’t have to. You really, truly could simply produce something this summer. Let everybody know that it’s “just for the summer,” and you’ll let yourself off the hook.

Of course, if it goes well, you could surprise everyone by declaring it will now be an in-semester production, too. And by then, you’ll have the momentum and the encouragement you’ll need to keep it going after things get a little busier.

Or – like the TV show Big Brother – it might simply become a summer staple.

And if it’s “just okay,” you can never speak of it again – and rest easier now that you’ve given it a try. No big deal – it was just for the summer!

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