a fourth ingredient to evaluation of the school year

What to stop.

What to start.

What to continue.

This three-fold evaluation is valuable for any organization, including yours. But what it misses is something you’ve got to include this summer.

What to celebrate.

Please make sure that you, your staff, your overseers, your volunteers, and your supporters take time to celebrate the ways God moved this year. Heck, even your friends or spouse or small group at church should hear you babble on about it a little.

It’s even worth spending more than a few minutes on remembering these points (quick recollection is always the temptation). “Brainstorm” this question like you would all the others. Mental exertion matters here – first, so we duly glorify the Lord and “forget not all His benefits,” and secondly because the scattered wins throughout this past school year didn’t all come in April, nor were they all in obvious packages.

And then write this stuff down. You’ll need it later, I’m sure.

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