be creative without being creative

On Friday, I encouraged you to think about evaluating your school year differently than you have in the past – whatever “different” might mean in your case. And I through out some options for “different”: including Who you involve, What you evaluate, and When (or how many times) you debrief this summer.

The method I used to get to those simple suggestions is one I’ve discussed before, but it’s been awhile. And the fun thing about this method is that it makes it easy to brainstorm even if you’re not particularly creative.

“Exploring the edges” is what I’ve called this method – it’s an adaptation of something Seth Godin calls “edgecraft.” And you can read all about it here, which I’d really encourage you to do. There you’ll find an overview as well as other links to apply the format.

As I write there,

The truth is, our usual approach to “brainstorming” doesn’t always work very well. The classic picture is of a group of leaders, sitting around a room, throwing out random ideas and hoping something will stick. While useful ideas are sometimes produced, I want to offer a method to produce ideas in a bit more purposeful way…

And it’s the type of thing that would be truly worth trying out this summer. Jump in here.

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