do this differently this summer

What kind of “Fridea” do I post on the last day of school for many campuses across the country?

As you head into the summer, you’re likely to debrief about the semester – whether that’s with your large staff or just you and a spouse or dog or the Lord. Whatever the size of your debriefing cohort, you’re (hopefully) going to spend some major time looking at this last year.

…which brings us to the Fridea: Debrief your year differently than you have in the past.

I’m not about to suggest that “different” path, mind you. Though I’ve blogged plenty on suggested “assessments,” this week’s idea is simply to re-imagine ways in which you could evaluate differently than you have before. Because if you shift the way you evaluate, you’re likely to peek into some corners and realize some opportunities you haven’t before.

If you want to start building a different evaluation, think about our old friends:

Who: add to the group that evaluates? shrink the group that evaluates? think way outside the box on WHOM evaluates?

What: evaluate only a handful of most-vital areas for longer? evaluate MORE than what you have in the past? evaluate surprising areas of your ministry?

When: do it earlier in the summer than usual? do it later, after you’ve had time to reflect? do it longer than usual? do it more quickly? do it in multiple sessions?


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