preparing your ministry for the pained

Yesterday I highlighted an excellent article from Harvard’s student newspaper, a reflection by a student facing deep pain. I hope you read it!

It leads me to ask these questions, and it might bring even more to your mind:

  • Are you raising up college students who are looking for those in pain around them – not just in their friend circles, but even in their student organizations, classes, and other venues?
  • Have you developed community within your college ministry, such that any involved student couldn’t “slip through the cracks” when facing deep pain?
  • Do those in your ministry see your college ministry as a first place to turn to if facing deep pain? (There are plenty of exciting, fun, impactful college ministries that still might not be seen by their students – rightly or wrongly – as a great place for those facing deep problems.)
  • Is your ministry seen as the kind of place that’s “there for people” when they’re in pain, even if they’re outsiders or non-believers?
  • Would there be any way your ministry could offer materials, seminars, audio, or other resources for the campus as a whole? (This gets easier to imagine when we realize that college ministry is just another form of missions, and that college ministers are really just missionaries…)

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