do you know students facing this kind of pain?

Last week, The Harvard Crimson shared an anonymous article written by a student in deep pain. The title – “Pregnant at Harvard?” could lead one to believe that collegiate student pregnancy is the point. But this article is much more profound, in sharing the angst any student at your school could be facing, whether or not they’ve hit the rocks in just the way this student did.

I encourage you to read it, and even to share it with your students. We don’t always have a window into students’ pain; this is a pretty strong one. Here’s how it starts:

I still remember freshman orientation, when the Office of Student Life had us all bond with our entryways by sending us on a dorky scavenger hunt through Harvard’s plethora of campus resources, from the Bureau of Study Counsel to the Office of Career Services to Room 13. In the Women’s Center, my friends and I giggled awkwardly at the rainbow condoms and joked about a brochure entitled “Pregnant At Harvard?” I never dreamed that it would be relevant to my life. And yet two and a half years later, I walked sobbing out of a clinic in Boston after having an abortion.

Okay. Rewind needed. …

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