social media for the summer

I first wrote these thoughts a year ago, but it’s a good reminder for the upcoming summer – and it might be worth commissioning some student leaders to do over the summer…

Maybe you’ve got plans this summer to upgrade, refurbish, or otherwise get your web site and other social media tools in fighting trim. It’s definitely worth the time. But I wouldn’t be surprised – I bet you wouldn’t be either – if the bulk of that work took place in early August.

My encouragement today is to get that going ASAP. You may not know what fall teaching series you can promote or every event you can list. But all summer, you have the chance to use your site to draw and inform incoming freshmen (and their parents!). Your present students and alumni can point younger friends to whatever “landing page” you offer. Any stream of students coming to campus for orientation can read about it. People can start following you on Twitter, Instagram, etc., and even sign up for early events.

But only if you have content ready for that purpose, and students who know that content is there.

Maybe your site can simply this past school year and offer a New School Year Preview; that would be fantastic. In fact, you might need to temporarily design your sites and other media around the specific audience that’s most likely to see them this summer.

But if all people see this summer is old advertising, like for a message series that’s “starting in March 2015″ or information about your “upcoming” Finals Week gathering, you’re missing an opportunity.

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