mentor couples (a fridea)

I noted earlier in the week that our church was holding its first large-scale Marriage Ministry Conference, training marriage ministers from around the country (and elsewhere!). So I’ve been reminded of the ways marriage ministry – usually in its pre-marital form – plays in collegiate ministry.

So for this week’s Fridea, something that’s accessible for most college ministers and could be absolutely revolutionary in certain students’ lives… if you can make it “normalized” within your ministry.

What if you pulled in “mentor couples,” married people specifically excited to hang out with seriously dating or engaged college students?

It’s easy to think of this only in terms of “premarital counseling,” and that could be one function here. But it could be much simpler than that, too. What if seriously dating couples simply had the chance to share a meal with an older married couple? You might be surprised – your students could jump at the chance.

And while we’re at it, let’s take this one step further: Could you ever offer something along these lines to your campus as a whole? What could that even mean?

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