add a process

I’ve preached here before that, whenever possible, events should be followed by a process – follow-up equipping or accountability or unpacking the themes over time or helping students develop ways to respond or any other long-term effort that carries the momentum forward.

That’s a big way to make sure we’re providing impact, not just activity.

Obviously, we think of “events” as the big things we plan (and sometimes plan and plan and plan). But another type of “event” is only realized in retrospect:

  • A night at Large Group Meeting that turned out to be especially profound for your ministry
  • A smaller event that turned out to be really memorable
  • Realizing that God had been “up to something” (a theme you didn’t really plan on) all semester long
  • Anything that turned out to be especially effective, inspiring, or impactful

It’s not all that complicated, really: As you look back at this spring semester, what has God been up to (whether or not you would have classified it as an “event”)?

And then ALL that leads to the Fridea: Add a process to that “event,” too.

There’s no reason not to go with the momentum that God has provided, even when we didn’t plan to jumpstart it with a planned, singular event. (There’s no reason we can’t carry that process into the summer for our students, either.)

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