what they’ve been doing, do

All year long, you’ve been encouraging your students to do some stuff.

Serve in the community.

Share their faith on campus.

Participate in a small group.

Go to the college ministry’s big events.

Invite friends to your Large Group Meeting.

Sign up for a missions opportunity this summer.

And so on.

Depending on your situation, you may already be experiencing some of the same things. For instance, you may lead a small group, or you may be leading the summer mission trip. But I bet there’s something in that list (or more important, in the actual “list” you’re asking from your students) that you haven’t done in a while.

April is a good time to experience those things. Even just to sit in on a small group (that you’re not leading), or go with the Evangelism team, or go to one of your college ministry’s parties as a participant, not the one setting up the snacks.

You’ll notice a lot. And you’ll be leading by doing, too.

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