letters home (a fridea)

You may know the concept of having students write “letters to themselves” – notes to their future selves that outline who they want to be, that you hold onto a send a year (or many years) later.

But in light of talking about students summer with families this week (here and here), here’s a Fridea:

Have students write to their “June selves.”

The content of said letter wouldn’t just be an encouragement to love their families well – although that would make a good section! But the letter can include any goals for the summer, any motivational oomph, any encouragement to avoid particular temptations that come with home, and so on.

(And it’s a lot simpler for you to mail some letters in a couple of months than in a couple of years!)

It’s amazing how quickly the good intentions formed in April get wiped out by the busy and/or lazy days of summer. A note from themselves might just remind them of what they’re supposed to be about… and the letter-writing process, of course, makes them define those goals.

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