video: badgers, blue devils, and one shining moment

Every year, the NCAA Tournament offers a unique look inside our field. As I say in my annual “Sixty-Eight” essay,

All the “madness,” the excitement, the passion, and the valor found in March’s Tournament reflect the beautiful mission field we reach through college ministry.

And every year, CBS offers a nice summary video (just like your church might put together at the end of a mission trip – complete with inspiring song track).

The “One Shining Moment” installment for 2015 is once again a powerful chance to think about, talk about, and remember the glory of serving in the field of college ministry. The headline-makers are in there: Ron Hunter and his son from Georgia State, the much-memed piccolo player from Villanova… and of course, the athletes. It was a great tournament this year.

But you don’t have to know all about what happened to be drawn in. So let yourself remember the glories of your daily mission trip to reach the campus tribes…

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  1. the last 3 years, our Senior Day, we have a highlight video. It’s not that well done, but the students seem to really enjoy it and it’s a great way to go out before the summer.

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