planning for home

I believe I’ve noted before that Easter weekend – at least if yours is a campus where students travel home – can serve as a sort of “trial run” for their upcoming summertime at home.

But even if they weren’t home this weekend, many of your students will be with their families at some point this summer. So this is a good time for them to prepare spiritually for that undertaking.

I don’t know if I remember a college minister (or fellow student) urge me to prepare well for my summers, at least not if I would be spending them at home. We push students toward mission trips or Christian camps, but for many of them, “home base” for three months will be their actual homes.

What kind of environments are they stepping into? (Do their leaders even know?) Will they be among believers? Will homes be peace-filled or likely not? If students have grown, will their parents notice… or will your students slip back into “high school mode” when outside the environment that’s been catalytic this year?

This doesn’t even take into account the roles old friends, old hangouts, and their home church (if they have one) can play.

If students just got a taste of home this weekend, then it’s on their minds. But either way, you have the chance to help them plan for home, before they get there in a month.

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