create your freshman ministry team

Yesterday I mentioned potential “upgrades” to your college ministry, and aiming for at least one before the end of the school year. I suppose this fits – somewhat – in that category, but in either case, it would be worth your time… especially because if done right, it keeps working all summer long without a lot of input from you.

How do you approach recruitment? Is it just generated by you and your staff? Is it an “all hands on deck” opportunity, where your entire ministry is charged to bring new people around?

I’m not talking just about the talking parts of recruitment. Who makes the posters you’ll put up? Who’s planning the Facebook ads or Twitter / Instagram hashtags? Who’s thinking about the party during the first week, or how you’ll be particularly welcoming / surprising / awesome the first week of Large Group Meeting? What about the assimilation piece once somebody shows up for the first time?

Is this mostly a you-the-college-minister thing?

If so, why?

Why not spend a few weeks gathering the students who will work on this stuff between now and August? Sure, you’ll have input (and can keep any pieces for yourself if need be). But why not put the main aspects of getting more students into the hands of students?

They’re closer to the issue, they’re more excited and energetic, they have more time, and this is one more chance to mobilize them.

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