one last upgrade

Do you have time for one last upgrade to your college ministry before the semester ends?

It’s easy to put everything off until after the summer, when a fresh semester’s start does naturally provide a platform for change.

But there’s a diminishing return on “big changes,” too – too many of them, and you’re fighting the subconscious feeling that this “isn’t the same campus ministry anymore.” And you’ll have a harder time switching back if you’re early in the semester (and if new students have come in knowing nothing but the Big New Thing). Then you risk alienating the new students by changing back, or your old students by staying put. Plus psychologically, if you’ve planned all summer for the New Thing, you and your staff won’t be as willing to switch back, either.

Or you can try out that change now. Fewer people will be turned off enough to leave, and you can measure effectiveness to plan for next semester.

Plus you can focus on that doing that New Thing really well. It’s the end of the semester, after all.

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