the last chance to assimilate

As we head toward April, now’s a good time to “know the condition of your flocks,” specifically in regard to those who have been coming but not investing. (And if you’re not the only shepherd, this is a task for your small group leaders and others, too.)

But with six to eight weeks left, now’s the time for those who have been slow to participate – but should be pushed to do so. Otherwise, even if they give it the “ol’ college try” for a couple of weeks, there’s no assumption they’ll be plugged in next school year.

This isn’t about keeping numbers up; it’s about discipleship. Some of those students who haven’t gotten connected shouldn’t; if they’d find a better fit in a different ministry, you can disciple them in that way, too. But for the rest, it’s worth helping them end the semester with friends, community, and something to look forward to in the fall.

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