jumping into the tournament now (some frideas)

Before this week of discussing our mission fields’ big Tournament closes, I wanted to throw out some ways to get involved… even if you haven’t already started a “bracket challenge.”

  • Start a “mini” bracket challenge. After this weekend, you’ll only have 16 teams left – so why not start there, with a competition for your ministry, your local church, etc.?
  • Make a bracket about something else!: For example, the youth ministry team at our church has been talking all week about a bracket for “best Disney character,” and much of the fun is in coming up with the characters for the bracket. (And then, of course, the arguments about whether Jafar or Gaston is a better character are pretty fantastic.) What category would you choose?
  • Have watch parties. (Of course.)
  • Take a trip. If there’s a school anywhere close to your school that’s (still) in the Tournament, what if you went there to watch their games? I don’t mean watching the actual Tournament games in-person (though you could figure that out, I guess). Those are in far-flung locations, mostly far away from the schools’ homes. But there are bound to be great watching parties (maybe even with fellow college ministries) back on those schools’ campuses. What a fun trip!
  • Pick a horse. You could also just ordain (or vote on) a remaining school to root for the rest of the way. Can a college ministry in California become fans of NC State? Why not?
  • Bring in the campus. Any of these ideas could go campus-wide: a bracket challenge, an “alternative” bracket, watch parties, trips, or even designating a temporary fandom! How fun might it be to engage the whole campus?

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