you can use this

As a college minister, I really do hope you use the national attention brought by the NCAA Tournament to our field. With supporters, overseers, your church body, your city… It takes creative thinking, but it’s worth the time.

At the church I work at, we do a staff-wide bracket, complete with (major) rewards and (major) consequences. It’s a blast each year. And as my contribution to the fun, I’m wearing the “garb of the campus tribes” each day – the 46 T-shirts I have from this year’s Tournament colleges – across these few weeks. And I’m posting quick facts about each college I represent – a la Operation World.


  • NC State: Home to one of Cru’s historically largest ministries in the U.S.
  • Kansas: About 16% of students are in Health-related majors
  • Louisville: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is an alumnus

However you use this season to remind people of the glories of college ministry, I hope you’re doing it. We don’t get “all eyes on us” all that often.

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