who’s an owner?

I was at a church last weekend that advertised something called a “Staff Meeting”… though it seemed like everyone was invited. I’m not sure if it was a staff-led meeting or if they call their members “staff,” but today’s suggestion is based on the latter possibility.

Have you allowed some members of your ministry – the leaders, the “core,” somebody to see “behind the curtain”? Are there students in your ministry that you treat like staff?

I’m not talking about creating an insider vs. outsider culture – that’s unwise and uncool. But I am talking about allowing those who have committed to your ministry to see themselves as “owners” in a way they might not during the first month or two of involvement.

I realize this is a suggestion and a theory, not practical steps. Each ministry would have to sort through this one on its own, to figure out how to be authentic for all but be especially accessible for some. But I do think that creating “owners” that have shown a level of commitment can only help disciple them for a lifetime of ministry involvement… and will gain better members and leaders for your ministry.

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