which aspect do you need to learn this semester?

My wife and I had the fun chance to vacation in Hawaii last week, and we did plenty of the expected – lots of sun and food and a helicopter, etc..

Some specifics (and you’ll see why I’m oversharing in a second): As part of the laying around – there was plenty of that, too – I read a short book about Hawaii’s history. I also went to a couple of churches on Sunday morning. And besides the beaches and many other “touristy” things, two of the coolest parts of the trip were visiting a weekly farmer’s market and stumbling upon a sort of street-fair in “downtown” Kapaa.

Maybe that’s how you would take a vacation, too – some learning, some spiritual exploration, and some “local culture” – alongside the rest of your vacation.

But here’s the big question (and big metaphor): Have you done those things for the campus you serve?

  • How strong are you on learning your campus (including its history, its present “situation,” and its potential future)?
  • How familiar are you with the spiritual aspects of your campus that don’t involve your ministry?
  • How aware are you of the culture of your campus?

Is there an area you should strengthen when it comes to your own understanding of your campus? Even if the vacation I described is very much NOT how you would spend your time in Hawaii, it has to be how we spend our time – some part of our time – on our campuses. We’re not tourists, after all; we’re missionaries.

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