knowing whom God has brought

In a couple of recent posts, I’ve written about how God guides us through our students (here and here). This post continues the theme…

It’s easy to be in the throes of college ministry activity, blowin’ and goin’ with weekly activities and deep discipleship, and forget there’s a campus that our students are part of, too. In fact, their identity is likely more shaped by that environment than it is by a ministry, whether or not that’s a good thing.

Since it’s easy to overlook that, it’s easy never to find out what they’re a part of on campus. We may not be familiar with their majors, their clubs, their extracurriculars, their service to others.

And yet this info can help us impact our students better – paying attention to how we can guide them to be Christians in these spheres – and be used by God to guide us in our teaching, our activities, and in our new outreaches.

Once a ministry is big enough that you don’t know everyone – and sometimes even when it isn’t – getting to know things like this becomes a matter of intention, not accident!

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