their time, submitted

Just a little question: How well are you teaching students to bring their time under submission to the Lord?

This is a season when some of them have a whole lot of it, and – despite what they think – most of them probably have more “discretionary time” than they will in ten years. And not only “discretionary” time needs to be submitted, of course.

It’s a little bit different than the principle of teaching students about a Christian approach to money “before they’re actually making much.” So teaching about time presents unique challenges, including not being able to offer certain practical “threats” if they don’t follow the Lord here. They won’t be hurting their spouse or kids, and they’ll probably have plenty of time to get that project done even if they use time poorly for awhile beforehand.

But maybe that’s a happier place to teach self-control and relational obedience, when obedience comes simply from a heart that wants to follow the Lord – in everything – even when we don’t know His plans for us?

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