are you looking for get-together opportunities? are they? (a fridea)

I know our church isn’t the only church that traditionally foregoes a Sunday evening service for Super Bowl Sunday. And I doubt we’re the only church that encourages its members to use that moment missionally, purposely hanging out with neighbors and others.

Plenty of college ministers use the same opportunity. But beyond that most famous of gathering days, are you either…

  • looking for more opportunities to get students together (and invite lots of others)?
  • or raising up students who look for opportunities to reach out via events like this?

So that’s today’s double Fridea. And it’s on my mind because of the Oscars this Sunday and the opening of NCAA Basketball Tourney season in a few short weeks. Either of these present opportunities to hang out with students – whether it’s an “all-in” moment like the Super Bowl or a (somewhat) smaller niche like the Oscars (where you might be surprised at how many come just for the hangout factor).

And again, the alternative is probably even more exciting: raising up students who do this, in their own dorm rooms and their houses and on-campus, too.

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