hearing from your members & hearing from the Lord

The topic I broach today will probably be something I come back to a little next week, but I’ll touch on some assumptions today.

Here’s how the “theory” goes:

  1. God can guide us through the counsel of students in our ministry
  2. God can guide us through who He brings to our ministry, both individuals and groups
  3. But an individual or group’s comments, preferences, or ideas aren’t automatically God guiding us

I’m a big believer in God using the students in a college ministry to show us how to proceed. (That’s what I’ll be writing on next week.) But before we’re prepared for that guidance, we’ve got to make sure we’re not muddying the waters.

Too often we’re quick to accept a single piece of input as “what we need to do next,” whether subconsciously or consciously. Making a snap judgment because of one or two people isn’t wise. Weighing feedback – even from a single person – is wise, but the key is weighing it. We process those things and don’t (even accidentally) treat them more mystically than we should; God can (and sometimes does) allow for a timely word from a student, but we also receive feedback all the time that we shouldn’t act on, too.

Counsel is counsel. Guidance is guidance. We’ve got to be careful about assuming the former is automatically the latter.

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