could you have an executive college minister?

Last week here at work, an article made the rounds about the role a church’s Executive Pastor plays. As you might expect, it talks a lot about how an XP (as they like to be called) complements the senior pastor – although beyond that, from what I can tell there’s a lot of variation in that role across churches.

In any case, it got me thinking about the field of collegiate ministry. We’re probably a long way from seeing “XCMs” as common in the world of college ministry; we have a hard enough time getting some people to realize the value of one full-time missionary to a campus.

But the principle of having someone (or a few someones) complement your work as college minister is still available to follow. This could come about in a few ways:

  • Purposely raising up student leaders who, at least for a year or (better yet) 2-3 years, function in this high-capacity, high-responsibility way
  • If you do have staff under you, being willing to give them a large dose of oversight responsibility, in ways that complement you
  • Bringing together a team of volunteers who really work as an “executive council”

The big point here is that you purposely raise up people to complement your own focuses in the ministry, strengths, and weaknesses. This is more than just honoring someone who’s a major leader in your ministry; it’s about finding that certain type of leader who can help take ground in ways you need him or her or them to!

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