catalog the conferences, etc. (a fridea)

My church is hosting a conference today, which always reminds me of just how many conferences, seminars, concerts, worship nights, guest speakers, and other events happen in a city like ours. But I imagine that’s true in plenty of cities and certainly regions, too.

So how often do you take advantage of these for your students? Why wouldn’t we?

So that’s where this week’s Fridea comes in: Spend time (or have some students spend time) researching the various conferences and other events taking place nearby. This is just a matter of calling churches (which may be more effective than looking through web pages) and asking what they’ve got coming down the pike. And probably not just churches, either – Christian colleges, large parachurch ministries, and anyone else you think of.

Yes, it’s some work. And no, you wouldn’t choose to advertise all of them – let alone making them official group events. But I bet you’d find some that would dovetail well with your ministry’s needs and your particular audience. And it might just be another good excuse for a road trip!

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