tightening the core: be ready to remove

As with any ministry, it’s possible for formerly effective leaders to become bottlenecks toward the progress you’re aiming for.

Of course, the fact of graduation applies implicit “term limits” on most of our leaders – a factor that most other ministries don’t experience. But occasionally we will still encounter student leaders who are no longer as good a fit as they once were – either for their ministry position or for their role in our “core” at all.

Maybe they aren’t up for the commitment or the demands, because those demands have grown since the student first “signed on” to lead long ago. Maybe their own attentions have adjusted, but they’ve hung on to that position without really having the focus or time for it anymore. Maybe the new methods needed are different from the methods they were truly best at. Maybe you simply sense a need for “new blood” or “fresh eyes” in that particular area of your ministry.

Whatever the case, we have to be willing to move our ministry forward, to tighten our core by adjusting or removing the people in it. Graciousness is important; how we handle it could really affect that individual student leader.

But not handling it will affect every individual in the ministry.

Tomorrow, some thoughts on helping leaders move on… so your ministry can move forward.

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