the spontaneous opportunity culture (a fridea)

Here’s a quick idea that has nothing to do with the series I’m in the middle of:

Have you developed some way for spontaneous hang-outs to happen within your college ministry? It’s easy for everything to get “calendared,” but does that mean we’ve lost some sense of friendship within our community? When’s the last time you sent out a text like this to your ministry, your leaders, or some group of students?:

Headed to a movie. If you’re interested, come on!

Of course, the goal isn’t just for you to hang out with students, but for them to hang out with each other. So setting up a group text might be the best avenue there, at least for some ministries.

Can this get out of hand? Sure. In a larger ministry, putting it somewhere online (like tweeting it) might make more sense – if students want to see what’s going on, they can check the “bulletin board.” I don’t know what will be best for you. Maybe have a student set it up! But whatever you do, if you foster it, you’ll likely be fostering community.

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