tightening the core: a community of core

Another vital need for those in the “core” of your ministry is community. Are there people they regularly connect with who hold them accountable, mull over big decisions with them, pray for them, and would likely know if weakness was creeping in to their lives? Can they help your leaders process next ministry opportunities within your college ministry, or encourage / exhort in the ways they’re leading now?

Sure, your core students may be in a small group – many of your core students are probably small group leaders. But that doesn’t mean those things are taking place – or the small group leader may be least challenged or least cared for of all.

If this community culture hasn’t been built within the entire campus ministry, we’d do well to foster it for those in our core. Even if that means college ministers or other adults need to jump in to provide that, it’s worth getting your core students into intimate, Christian community.

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