tightening your core: memorable & memorized

Yesterday I asked just how sure you are that the “core group” of your campus ministry is participating in the vision for your ministry. There can be a lot of “vision leak” between the college minister and his lowest-level leadership!

But not nearly all vision leak comes from insubordination, arrogance, or even just slacking. Plenty of it – especially with college students – comes from not having a clear grasp of what that vision is.

So that brings us to this week’s first “checkbox” for assessing your core students (whether they have a leadership position or not). Have you presented a vision that is memorable, and can your core students remember it?

When I say “vision,” I’m not talking here about something pithy, like a smoothly crafted mission statement that inspires but might not convey much. I’m talking about the practical vision for your ministry, which may involve several notions about underlying principles and main methods.

Have you ever put on paper those principles and actions you believe are central to your collegiate ministry? Once you do, you might find it’s not so easy to put them succinctly, clearly, and concisely – what I mean by “memorable” in this case.

But once you have crafted a well-worded statement, then it isn’t too much to ask for your core leaders (and hopefully others) to be able to share them – and explain them well.

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