tightening the core

When’s the last time you cast vision for your ministry, with those who are most fundamental to helping your ministry run well? When did you last talk “foundationally,” explaining the pillars of your ministry? How well are you assessing each of your programs and activities?

For many college ministers, the last time those things were a high priority was likely in the beginning. But our students (including our “core”) are consistently changing; every two or three years that core experiences complete turnover in most ministries.

This week, I thought I’d post some ideas around tightening the core, making sure that the foundations you intend for your ministry are, indeed, the foundations you’ve still got. For today, though, I just want to present the question, because it’s a bit of a haunting one: How well are your core principles AND your core purposes being lived out throughout your college ministry… and how do you know?

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