establish office hours (a fridea)

Can students find you? If someone really needs to talk, has a theological question, or wants to confess a moral failing, is there a clear time when they know you’re available?

Just as many professors have “office hours” – times each week when they’ve promised to be in their office – college ministers can make themselves available in this way. Sure, students can always set up an appointment for coffee or connect with you via email. And maybe this idea isn’t for you.

But for some students (and some college ministers), a little less formal arrangement may fit best. You can announce that you’ll always be in the Student Center on Friday mornings, that you’ll always eat lunch at a University District restaurant on Wednesdays, or that you’ll be at your building (if you have a building) a couple of times a week.

Whatever makes sense.

If you’re doubtful, give it a try. The nice thing is that you can always get things done while you’re there (so it might improve your productivity, too!), and you might be surprised at who takes you up on it.

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