letting students own the finding

A couple of weeks ago, I challenged you to aim to create full-fledged “indigenous leaders,” students who truly function as college ministers to their own tribe.

One element of that – for those whose ministries are ready – is giving students ownership in identifying new paths of ministry. This could be identifying great international partners; this could mean pushing forward with a ministry in the city; it could involve students locating excellent opportunities for new outreach on the campus itself.

But how often do college ministers or their staff keep this job for themselves?

At our church, we describe our body as our only “missions committee.” We rely on the members to locate, engage with, and begin to draw others to potential ministry partners. This happens before we corporately partner, and we simply have decided to trust the Lord to speak through the body in this way. (Obviously, there are other ways to do this – we don’t think we have “the” right way. But it is a good example of giving ownership to someone other than staff!)

How often do your ministry’s members “light the way,” “lead the charge,” or even lend a hand in the process of finding new ministry avenues? What if you gave them this sort of ownership?

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