the right kind of puzzle pieces

In yesterday’s church service, our pastor offered a metaphor that was particularly useful. In promoting our participation in vulnerable, authentic community, he likened people to puzzle pieces. If a puzzle piece only has “sticky-out” pieces and doesn’t have any “holes” for others’ pieces to fit into, then they’re not likely to find many pieces to connect with.

In other words, if we only show our strengths and never reveal our weaknesses, fears, failings, and other “holes,” others are going to find it really hard to connect with us.

As ministers, it’s easy for us to maintain a facade of got-it-all-togetherness, at least or especially among those we minister to. But whether you lead a ministry of 500 or 50 or 5, you’ve got to be the kind of minister that all these Millennial students feel they can connect with. How well do you do that now? How can you be more vulnerable with your students this semester?

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