more like missions: the words you use (a fridea)

For today’s Fridea, I wanted to present a simple campus ministry adjustment that fits the “More Like Missions” series. It’s simple, but not necessary easy…

Shift the words you use and the vision you cast to reflect the mission you’re calling students to participate in.

  • How do you talk about your college ministry to students in your college ministry?
  • How do you talk about your college ministry to those who are most likely believers (whether they approach you or you have access to those audiences, like in a church setting, via an interest form they submit, in a “ministry fair,” etc.)
  • How do you talk about your college ministry to your student leaders?

It’s important we tailor our message for our audiences, obviously. And I believe we need to tailor our message around presenting our efforts missiologically whenever we can.

The actual verbiage will depend on your culture and what comes naturally to you. But fundamentally, this is about reminding students that they are, in fact, on mission alongside you to reach campuses, NOT simply attending something that will help them grow spiritually.

Drawing the line boldly and clearly is important, because for many of these Christian students, this is the first time they’ve ever “participated in ministry,” even though they may have participated in A ministry for many years.

While you have the time this winter, then, take a look at your printed and social media materials. Do they reflect calling and commission? This process will begin to train your tongue, and you can follow up with crafting new vision “blurbs” to begin using whenever you can. Finally, let the vocabulary of mission trickle into your speech, even as you continue your outreach to non-believers alongside this nurturing of your fellow indigenous workers.

Just like a missionary.

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