more like missions: learning the land

A week-long “More Like Missions” series wouldn’t be complete without a reference, however brief, to our need to learn – and keep learning – our mission fields.

It’s rather unimaginable that a foreign missionary wouldn’t be up on the current events of his or her region, or know how events and leaders in the nation (and the town) might affect the mission they’re pursuing. But of course, they’d learn much of that before they ever enter the country, too.

I don’t think that’s the “norm” for college ministries yet. And the thing is, we have to keep at it. We don’t just learn upon entering our mission fields; the entire tenure of a college minister’s work should be peppered with intentional learning of the field.

So how will those opportunities – from surfing the school’s web site to meeting with its leaders to experiencing its activities – fit into your semester? How will they make it onto your calendar early so they don’t get pushed out by the more urgent facets of your ministry?

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