more like missions: toward something(s)

This week, I’m looking at ways to make the average college ministry more like a missionary endeavor. And I think one focus that characterizes much overseas ministry – that those in collegiate ministry need to adopt more often – is building toward something.

Many international efforts do have a very particular goal (a.k.a. its mission): perhaps planting a church, translating a portion of Scripture, or establishing an outpost for service (like water wells or a hospital).The missionary may or may not plan to leave once the goal is accomplished, but there’s something they’re very specifically building toward – even amidst all the other labors of ministry (relationship-building, discipleship, fundraising, connecting with supporters and overseers, raising up indigenous leaders, etc., etc., etc..)

But how often do our efforts among the campus tribes have the same sort of focused goal? Is there something clear – or are there a few things – you can truly say you’ve been building toward over the last few years? Is progress being made, semester-by-semester, toward a clearly defined outcome… an outcome that your overseers, your advisers, and even your present students are all excited about?

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