stay connected over Christmas (a fridea)

It’s not hard to stay connected to your students over Christmas, but it’s a gesture that will keep them (and you) engaged and allow you to shepherd a little, too.

What if, for example, you blogged once a day – about Christmas, about your own resolutions for the new year, about reflections on last semester, about a book you’re reading, about what’s coming up?

A weekly email could accomplish something – as could some purposeful social media activity.

You could, of course, go a step up on this: a regular devotional, regular thoughts as you and some students (even from afar) work through a book together, or a systematic review of what you taught last semester.

I’ve never been fully comfortable with the “gap” in the shepherding calendar of a college minister – not here, and certainly not in the summer. With even a little bit of effort and scheduling, that gap can be a lot less impactful.

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