a season for looking in the nooks

How often do you get the chance to learn how your ministry is really going, in the nooks and crannies and activities that happen when you’re not around?

For most college ministries, this primarily refers to small groups. While these are the discipleship “backbone” of many campus ministries, they’re also one step removed from the college minister. It’s unlikely you’ve got the time to do a full evaluation of each small group on a weekly basis, at least if your college ministry has more than a couple of groups. (If you did try to evaluate fully every week, it might look a little too much like micromanaging!)

But here at Winter Break, you have the opportunity to kick back with your leaders (even if it’s over the phone) and really catch up on how it’s going. Or maybe this is best done through a written survey – something detailed enough that it helps leaders ponder their effectiveness and gives you more than just a basic “it went well” or “it was hard” response. (Whatever the format, coming up with wise questions will be key.)

Likewise, if students are discipling others, leading ministry teams, or doing anything else that you’re not present for, you have a little room now to “debrief.” But the earlier the better; it’s amazing what someone can forget over a month of holiday at home.

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