three reasons it’s a great big question

In a post last week, I offered a single question that could be bothersome for a college minister:

In what ways will next semester purposely build on the gains, learnings, or overall “movement” your ministry had this semester?

There are three reasons I think this is a GREAT BIG question for college ministers to ask:

1. We should be moving forward. I think we’d all agree with this one. We hope that our ministry is “moving forward,” whether that means numerical growth or deepening convictions or broader reach or something else.

2. We should be moving forward strategically. This is less-often recognized as a vital part of the college minister’s job: multi-semester strategy. We should have activities in place for our present semester that are building toward something a semester or more down the road. But it’s easy to forget to plan that way. Is your ministry “moving somewhere” or just “moving”?

3. We should be flexible enough to respond quickly. As I’ve often bemoaned here on the blog, it seems many college ministries plan nearly entirely by the year, rather than by the semester. Not even our college students do that! So another reason the question above is tricky is that it makes us reconsider our plans in light of what God has revealed and/or done in the past few months.

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