mentor-for-a-month (a fridea)

I talked yesterday about making sure you and your students use the Christmas Break well. Today, a Fridea to help students do exactly that.

Here’s the notion: Encourage your students to contact someone back at home to mentor them during the Christmas Break.

Sure, this won’t fit everybody’s schedule, and other students won’t be able to identify someone they’d like to have mentor them. But it doesn’t have to be someone they’re already in relationship with – plenty of church ministers would be willing to do this. Fellow or former college students they knew from high school might also be a great choice – or even family members.

Over the next week, they could contact someone, maybe even send them some “this is what one-on-one disciplemaking looks like” materials, and plan to hang out.

One of the difficulties with disciplemaking / mentoring is that it’s not always a great “match.” But what do you do when you’re the mentee (or the mentor) and you figure that out? Well, I do always encourage these relationships not to start with more than a six-week commitment (on both sides). But this idea makes it even more natural to “break” – while still leaving room for remote discipleship and/or resuming things during the summer.

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