every year around this time…

It seems like every year around this time, I offer some sort of exhortation to use the Christmas break with purpose AND precision. College ministers have a unique “dip” in their season; even church-based college ministers and others who may have continual ministry probably don’t see the kind of busyness that they do in the rest of the year.

It’s a particularly unique season because of the length – often a month, and in many cases the “fallow time” actually begins around Finals Week.

Likewise, students in your ministry have a lengthy break. So “using” the break doesn’t just mean completing your own projects or purposefully resting so you’re ready for another semester of ministry. It also means setting up your students to do the same thing: to use their break with purpose AND precision, at least as far as they can determine how God might want them to use it.

So once again, I ask: How will you maximize this break for you and your students?

Have you thought about purposes?

Have you thought about accomplishing them with precision? (In other words, have you planned for the HOW?)

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