mile deep, inch wide partnerships

After today, I’ll be breaking for Thanksgiving. See you Monday!

Over the last week or so, I’ve been writing about the possibilities of partnership within collegiate ministries. (See the series here.) One important principle that connects here is the principle of long-term relational commitment.

I wrote about that with general commitment this summer:

Sometimes the best mobilizing we can do is teaching our students to stick. A deeper commitment equals deeper involvement, right? … How clearly have we really taught our students about this? Have you clearly taught them that it’s better to “go a mile deep and an inch wide” – and taught them why that’s true? (Read that whole post here.)

This is where another value of partnership lies: It encourages commitment, and it deepens commitment!

Partnership encourages commitment because suddenly you’ve got another ministry either counting on you, or participating alongside you – like a workout buddy helps keep your workouts on schedule.

Partnership also deepens commitment because suddenly you’re building relationship – with your partner, and with whomever you interact with as part of the partnership. Seeing the same faces when you serve the homeless downtown, when you go back to the same church plant out west, or when you partner with the same college ministry on your campus encourages your students about what long-term commitment can mean.

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