partnership comes from relationship, too

In the last few posts (for this Partnering Possibilities series), I’ve been discussing partnerships that develop after reflection and analyzation of ministry needs – as well as what potential partnerships are out there.

But partnerships can also arise simply through the relationships you build with people around town, and especially with those college ministers on your own campus.

As always, there’s a balance here – how you spend your time in ministry matters. But wouldn’t it be awesome to know your fellow campus ministers enough that you knew…

  • hopes they had for their ministry’s future?
  • areas they feel their ministry could use some improvement?
  • their methods – not just the Large Group Meeting you’ve heard about, but the less obvious stuff like leader training and service projects and evangelistic effort?

ANY of those three areas could lead to an off-handed conversation that leads to a brainstorming session that leads to partnerships!

The same is true with connected to churches in town, administrators on campus, and other campus leaders (including students).

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